Calphalon® Contemporary Nonstick 2 Pc Cutlery Set


  • Speed up food prep and cleanup with knives designed with nonstick blades
  • Innovative design incorporates two features that encourage quick release: a longitudinal ridge for superior food release and a nonstick coating
  • Composed of a single piece of fully forged steel, these full tang knives deliver added balance and strength while dicing, slicing, and chopping
  • Knife block with SharpIN ceramic self-sharpening technology inside the slots sharpens the blade every time you remove and replace a knife
  • Quickly identify the knife you need with labeled handles
  • Quick ship
  • D Code


Tired of food always sticking to your knife while you cut? The Calphalon Contemporary Nonstick 2 Pc Cutlery Set is a line of premium cutlery that features a uniquely designed nonstick-coated blade with a longitudinal ridge that prevents food from sticking, making food prep easier and saving you time.


  • 8″ chef’s Knife with Ridge
  • 3.5″ Paring Knife


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